The Mechanism of the center

The Centre works using a mechanism to achieve specific objectives through:

First: Definitions:

  1. Organise an annual ceremony at the beginning of each academic year together with the launching ceremony of the definition of centre of " Made by my Hands".
  2. Organise a meeting to introduce the definitions of the working group, guided tours of the colleges in the definition of the exhibition, the Centre and its diverse activities.
  3.  Posting of billboards
  4.  Contribute in introducing and highlighting the various activities of the centre and the students participating in the exhibition.
  5. Announce the exhibition, events and the various activities of the centre by sending text messages to students throughout the database in coordination with the Information Technology Centre.
  6. Produce and distribute of many relevant publications as guidance for the potential participants


Second: Training:

  1. The exhibition program, which includes courses and a variety of lectures, is designed to provide the participants with skills, education and support in the areas that are vital to master in order to manage their small businesses. These areas are marketing, product pricing and effective communication skills with customers and also other topics of value that enrich the knowledge of the participants and can be useful when starting a small business.
  2. The program aims to establish training courses and specialized workshops in the following areas
    •  Development and improvement of the students’ intellectual and professional, technical and scientific skills, also teaching the students various handcrafts that may help them to build a business one day.
    •  New or required areas in the labour market that will open horizons, ideas, products and innovative projects.
    •  Promote self-confidence and self-management and character-building and strength of wellbeing and communication skills.
    •  The area of small businesses, whether to start or develop a project, or developing and managing a project and marketing it.
  3. Apply specific tests for analysis of personality traits to detect the ability to own a businesses, the planning talent and excellence among students who participate in the exhibition and direct their abilities to work with appropriate training.


Third: Enrichment:

   The program provides participants with enrichment through: 

  1.  Lectures and seminars, through which students will have the opportunity to hear significant invited speakers providing a summary of their experience and their scientific value.
  2.  Nominate students to participate in local and international fairs in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  3.  Participate in the central and public activities organized by the agency of Deanship of Student Affairs for the activities of students which are in line with students' ability, in order to introduce the centre and encourage the interaction between students, which has a positive effect in increasing their confidence and contribute to the local community.
  4.  Give some of the participants the chance to prepare a workshop under the supervision of the Director of the Centre or a person with experience on the subject. The participants can also have the chance to present and exchange their experiences, which can have an impact on the enrichment of their character and increase their self-confidence.
  5. Also, the scientific, economic, technician’s meetings accompany the annual exhibition which include: lectures, courses and workshops to the visitors who are interested in the exhibition area of small businesses, crafts and handicrafts

Fourth: Care and Support:

        Care and support is provided through several methods, including:  

  1. The "Made by my Hands" annual exhibition is designed for small businesses and aims to give the participants the chance to present, sell and advertise their handmade products. In addition to literature, scientific works and others, the exhibition also offers prestigious awards for the best projects.
  2. Seeking to open a permanent exhibition at the centre for marketing the products of the participants.
  3. To coordinate with the relevant authorities to support distinctive projects by business incubators.
  4. To create an electronic catalog that offers a profile of all the small businesses which contributed to the exhibition with their products, to document the effort and present these products to those who support small businesses with marketing these projects and ideas.
  5. Present distinctive projects during the annual concert entitled "Story of Success" where participants can show their achievements and means of excellence and exchange their experiences.
  6. Allow the participants to distribute their business cards for special occasions and events.
  7. The “Made by my Hands" centre is working on creating links between the joint and supporting parties concerned. The centre promotes the participant's ideas and project and makes them known to the relevant actors (such as business incubators, etc.). The centre is also in close communication with the relevant authorities interested in promoting new inventions at national and international level.

  8. Activate the website of "Made by my Hands" to adopt projects in an electronic form and aim towards the Saudi Arabian E-Commerce and present several services such as:
    • Marketing and advertising students’ projects by allocating a separate page for each project which includes: the name of student, name and type of project, e-mail and pictures of some of her products.
    • Provide professional consultancy and management consultancy to resolve the difficulties which the entrepreneur might encounter.
    • Present diverse employment opportunities.



Fifth: Development:


  1. Organizing a meeting for previous participants in the previous exhibitions, where the participants meet each other to establish a dialogue, to exchange of views and experiences and to discuss all of suggestions under the supervision of a responsible person in the activity unit .
  2. Distribution of questionnaires, which is a mirror that reflects the positives and negatives feedback which contribute to improvement by studying different point of views to improve the program in the future.
  3. Consulting Portal is open through which the participants can communicate and interact with the distinctive academics staff and experts to extract useful guides from their experience and to get many constructive advice in their area of interest , talent and manual and intellectual skills to begin or develop their small projects and answer all of their questions and to assist them, in coordination with manager of the program.
  4. Putting a special box for the center in the building of the Dean of Student Affairs Agency for female students activities to receive suggestions and opinions.



Sixth : Entertainment:

Through the following:

  1. Carry out visits and trips which characterized by a combination of fun and benefit t is also working to lighten the perceptions of a student who will be able to visit facilities, projects and sites that touch the concerns, such as jewelry factories , decoration centers and fashion design .. etc.
  2. Various competitions that arose the spirit of competition between the participants to present the best of their production and to use their energy and diverse skills and to win prizes and to be qualified to participate in the exhibition.


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