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Made by my Hand for small businesses Annual Exhibition:

Is an annual exhibit to exhibit and market handmade products for small businesses, and creative literary and scientific ideas, and others. Accompanies the exhibition scientific, technical, and economic meetings . Also it offers prestigious awards for the best projects.

• Qualifying:

Pre to the exhibition participants will be trained to develop their small businesses and help them to experience the exhibition successfully.

• Lectures and seminars:

Through which students are educated about the importance of small businesses and enrich their culture and skills, and provide knowledge which might help in increasing productivity and encouraging handicrafts.

• Courses and workshops:

The Center provides training courses and workshops of various goals and specializes in:

• teaching Handcrafts that might become projects one day.

• Developing and managing of small businesses and marketing them.

• Promote self-confidence and self-management.

• Parties and meetings:

The Center will organizes parties and many meetings to introduce the program and its diverse activities, and to shed light on the female students who have succeeded in establishing a small businesses.

• Competitions:

Spreads the spirit of competition among students to win the challenge and to win the awards and to qualify them to participate in the exhibition.

• Excursions and visits:

Enable the student to visit the facilities and projects and sites that touch her concerns.

• Personality tests:

They are special tests are analyzed to detect personality traits and the ability to manage special projects and planning for them. Also, talent and excellence students are directed toward the needed training.

• Consulting Portal:

The participants can communicate with supportive people to offer constructive advice in the field of manual and intellectual skills to start or develop small projects and to answer their questions.

• Unique and diverse employment opportunities:

The Center is a liaison between the participants and those interested in supporting small businesses to adopt participants' projects throughout nominating them, receiving many of offers to provide courses to the participants, competitions, bazaars , local and international exhibitions and others.






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