The message of the Center’s manager

"We make our future by our hands

"Made by my Hands" centre is a dream which became reality at the King Abdul Aziz University, which grasped the attention of many influential figures and actors in society.

Today the Centre is working with sparkling spot, and it is full of surprises and unique innovations. All these can help female students to prove they are able to be themselves and take advantage of their talent and abilities. The centre seeks to embrace all creative young people without exception





The annual exhibition of the small centre is considered a start point for talented and creative students. The centre provides the students with services, activities and programs prior to participating in the annual exhibition to qualify and complete the journey. The centre also closely communicates with the students to support and develop their handcraft


The director of " Hand Made" centre for small businesses


MRs. Manal bint Abdul Rahman Bahnshal





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