The program has become more and more popular and the number of the participating small businesses has significantly increased. At the beginning
, in 1425H the event started with 116 participations and 100 corners in the first year and is currently up to to 263 participations and 125 corners in the fourth year in 1429H. Due to this rapid evolution the idea of transforming the program into a Centre emerged. The aims were to provide more services with larger ability to support students in the area of small businessess, to develop a scientific basis and program, and also to promote the ability to develop and effectively communicate with those who support and help the students. Another aim was with God’s will to increase marketing opportunities and introduce these small businesses and their projects to the local or even global markets. In 1429H a study to convert "Hand Made" into a centre was submitted then approved by the highness manager of King Abdulaziz university, the highness the Rector of King Abdulaziz University Dr. Osama Bin Sadiq Tayeb, may God protect him, to be called Hand Made Centre for Small Project






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