1.  Raising students' awareness of the importance of small businesses, enriching their culture and skills, and provide them knowledge and thought in all the aspects that could increase productivity and encourage handicrafts
  2.  Help, guide and train students how to establish investment and marketing for small businesses on a scientific basis.
  3.  To provide students with consultancy in the area of their talents and exploit to the maximum their manual and intellectual, professional skills, and provide consultancy in case of difficulties 

  4. Direct students to invest their free time in doing useful things for them and their community.

  5.  Introduce female students to the community and present them as productive Saudi females who are able to face future challenges and highlight their businesses and their multiple activities

  6.  Support students, to continue with the marketing and advertising of their businesses.

  7. Work as a liaison between students and those supporting them, competent and interested to adopt their ideas and their businesses, or employers and various training or other relevant actors within and outside the university.

  8.  Contribute to the development of society, fight unemployment, boost local production economy and integrate women into the development process.

  9. Adopt distinctive participants to start their own brands to be registered and approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  10.  Organise and support the international promotion and export of the products made in "Made by my hands" centre. 


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